How Does Photography Help You

Does photography help you in your everyday life? Yes? No? Maybe so? YES Let’s say it does…but how? Gives you something to keep your mind off of. Keeps you busy. Gives yourself a challenge and allows you to think outside the box. Let’s your creative instincts take over when you are surrounded by creative constraintsContinue reading “How Does Photography Help You”

Interview with Photographer Suzanne Stein

I’ve been following Suzanne’s work on instagram for over a year. Although her style may not be everyone’s cup of tea, I myself appreciate her photographic style. I really like her work and wanted to learn more about her creative process and how she goes about with her photography. Check out the interview below! CanContinue reading “Interview with Photographer Suzanne Stein”

Interview with Street Photographer Daniel Huete

Check out this interview with Streetfoto mobile runner up Daniel Huete! It is quite insightful to say the least. Can you start off by telling us a (brief) story on your background and how you first picked up a camera? I was born in Palma de Mallorca, Spain.It wasn’t until 8 years ago (when IContinue reading “Interview with Street Photographer Daniel Huete”

5 Ways to Avoid Confrontation in Street Photography

Avoid Eye Contact Make a photo of someone and pretend you are making a photo of something behind them or off to the side. Once you make eye contact you pretty much blew your cover. A can of worms may open up but in my experience nothing serious has ever evolved. Even if you don’tContinue reading “5 Ways to Avoid Confrontation in Street Photography”

Interview with Street Photographer Jill Maguire

Jill! How are you? Thanks for doing this. Can you start off by telling us a (brief) story on your background and how you first picked up a camera? I’ve always liked taking pictures but wasn’t serious about it until well into adulthood. In 2009, I bought a DSLR to take pictures of my dog.Continue reading “Interview with Street Photographer Jill Maguire”

Street Photography Olympics

Wouldn’t it be cool if there was such thing as the Street Photography Olympics. A friendly street photography competition among countries. This idea came to mind because I’ve noticed countries such as Thailand, Bangladesh, and India has really dominated the street photography scene. Through the street photography Olympics, you’ll represent more than just yourself butContinue reading “Street Photography Olympics”

Click Less Yet Get More

Do you believe that the more times you snap your shutter, the more opportunity you will have a good photo? I used to think so but as of late my opinion has differ. The more you go out and photograph, it raises your odds of getting a photo, true to some extend I guess. ClearContinue reading “Click Less Yet Get More”

Building the Perfect Street Photographer

I’ve always been curious, what would be the perfect street photographer. One that has the physical tools and intangibles to become a great photographer. Similar to what the NFL analysis on ESPN do, when they discuss building the perfect quarterback, I want to do my own of building the perfect street photographer! Let’s the funContinue reading “Building the Perfect Street Photographer”

Lessons “Shinsuke Nakamura” Can Teach Us About Photography

Continuing of my wrestling and photography analogy blogs. This time it’s on WWE’s rock star Shinsuke Nakamura. Shinsuke recently got called up from NXT to the main roster of SmackDown Live. He’s one of my favorite wrestlings on the roster, he has a unique personality, he takes his craft seriously, he knows what his characterContinue reading “Lessons “Shinsuke Nakamura” Can Teach Us About Photography”

Interview with Thai Street Photographer Poupay Jutharat

I met Poupay very briefly at this past year’s StreetFoto San Francisco. She had a pretty large crowd around one of her finalist image (she had two in the international singles category) and I decided to join in. Poupay is a very humble person and amazing street photographer to say the least. I didn’t know untilContinue reading “Interview with Thai Street Photographer Poupay Jutharat”