Interview with Street Photographer Aaron Berger

I took a workshop from Aaron Berger in LA this past June. Very nice guy that’s knowledgeable in shooting the streets. Check out the interview below.

What made you pursue photography? 

It seemed to come about very randomly. I bought a camera because I thought I wanted to make funny music videos and short films etc; and then somehow I ended up taking pictures with it and eventually felt like all I wanted to do was take pictures. I get obsessed with the things that interest me so it was natural to dedicate myself once I started.


If you could choose between making one iconic photo that lives on forever but never produce anymore photos that you’re satisfied with thereafter versus being discovered and rewriting the history books only after your passing.

I’ll take the latter because I’d like to end up with more than one good photo.

If you could have dinner with one street photographer (past or present) who would it be? What would you ask him/her?

Garry Winogrand. I’d ask him anything as long as it has nothing to do with photography.

You can choose to shoot with one contemporary street photographer for a day who would it be and why?

Oh I don’t know – this isn’t the sort of thing I crave. I like meeting whoever is around but I wouldn’t have anyone in mind I’m dying to meet.

Explain what it’s like when you’re out in the streets with a camera (for me, its liberated a load of stress off my shoulders, etc)?

It is almost automatic at this point. Not an escape from anything, not a burden, just something I spend my time on. I go through every mood and state of mind during shooting that I might go through doing anything else. Just a daily practice.

In LA for your workshop, it was great to see you work the streets. You are the smoothest guy I have ever seen shoot the streets. Where did you learn that skill?

Thank you. I don’t know if that’s true, but whatever I’ve learned is just a result of doing it a lot and wanting to do it in a way that wouldn’t upset people.

Can I give you a street photography nickname? Aaron “Smooth Criminal” Berger?

I suppose nobody could stop you.

What is one goal you’d like to accomplish within the next 5 years with Street photography?

I’d like to stay dedicated and move towards being a total beginner again.

Which street photographer you would have wanted to shoot your wedding and why?

I wouldn’t want any photographer to shoot my wedding, because I wouldn’t want a dedicated photographer there. Guests can snap photos and send us the nice ones. I like things casual. Maybe some of the guests would be good photographers.

Whats your favorite food?

This is always changing but I think my ultimate satisfying meal of pure unhealthy indulgence is a good spaghetti carbonara. Not a mediocre one with that bullshit creamy white sauce, though. That is a lie. Lots of guanciale. I couldn’t eat it every day but it’s my favorite occasional treat.

You’re in a dark alley at night which street photographer would you take with you?

Dougie Wallace looks pretty tough.

Your on a beach which street photographer would you take with you?

Whoever is up for playing soccer in the sand, because I’d rather do that than shoot if I’m on the beach.

You’re walking through a rough neighborhood which street photographer would you take with you?

Whoever is familiar with the area.

One tip you can give to the readers on street photography?

Shoot way more hours than you currently are and stop thinking of it as a thing called street photography.

Last question, when are you coming to Hawaii man?

The very moment I win a free trip!


You can check out Aaron’s other great work below.

Instagram @aaronbergerfoto


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