My name is Tim Huynh and I am a photographer from Honolulu. This website was created out of my passion for street photography.

Growing up in Hawaii, it’s common to see photographs of the crystal clear ocean, crashing waves, majestic waterfalls or lush mountains. Although I have experimented with these subjects before, I was always left unsatisfied, believing that this perspective of Hawaii was created as a marketing tool for reeling in tourism. While the natural beauty of Hawaii will always be a part of its identity, my objective is to create images of the raw, comical, interesting, surreal, and candid moments of life in Honolulu through street photography.

I actively seek opportunities to capture humanity and human behavior and document stages of modernization not only in Honolulu but anywhere I travel. If you ever want to chat about street photography I’m more than happy to share what I know and I’m also all ears too. Keep up with my work on Instagram @timhuynh_photography.


  • Group Exhibit
  • Photocon Hawaii 2018 
  • September 7 – September 9, 2018
  • Finalist “Essence of Hawaii Competition”

Photocon Hawaii 2018






Guest on radio podcast StreetPX


Curator for World Street Photography (2017/2018) – 3

Judged and reviewed over 1,600 photo submissions. This is part of a monthly competition. At the end of the year both winning and nominated photos get collectively merged into a photo book.

Curator 1curator 2



  • Published
  • World Street Photography 4
  • Three Photos Published in the annual World Street Photography 4 Book
  • Release Date: July 2017




  • Eye-Photo Magazine 
  • Photos have appeared in April, May, and June’s edition

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