The Future of NFTs and How It Benefits The Street Photographer

The digital world is here and there’s no turning back. The pandemic propelled platforms like Zoom, TikTok and NFTs, the novel cryptocurrencies. I remember hearing about Bitcoin in 2013 and thought, ”this doesn’t make any sense…this is worthless!” Truthfully, I just did not do enough research to understand digital economy nor did I know anyoneContinue reading “The Future of NFTs and How It Benefits The Street Photographer”

Hawaii Street Photography Workshop October 2021

Interested in capturing real and raw moments of people on the streets of Honolulu? Join me for my 2-day workshop to gain my personal insights and hands on experience shooting on the streets. Workshop includes a photo walk throughout Honolulu, followed by a discussion and constructive critique of your photographs in a classroom setting. AnyContinue reading “Hawaii Street Photography Workshop October 2021”

Beyond The Frame | Season 1

This is not another street photography podcast. This is Beyond The Frame! Beyond The Frame is a new YouTube series featuring street photographers around the world. This is not another street photography podcast but rather a vignette of a photographer’s career to date . Season 1 features, Chris Suspect, Jill Maguire, Elena Alexandra, & StephenContinue reading “Beyond The Frame | Season 1”

5 Ways To Get Your Street Photography Groove Back

Let’s face it, the pandemic took a toll on our overall well-being and left many of us drained. Some street shooters I know have only recently gone out with intentions of shooting street. If you were on a street photography hiatus during quarantine and lock-down, view it as a positive step towards recharging your emotionalContinue reading “5 Ways To Get Your Street Photography Groove Back”