The Street Photography Bubble

Street photography has exploded within the last decade or so due to social media, Instagram to be specific. Every person is a photographer, you see the same styles and photographs done in different countries. Whether it’s your own idea or inspired by another photographer you admire, sooner or later the street photography bubble is goingContinue reading “The Street Photography Bubble”

How More Female Street Photographers Can Be Recognized

The lack of visibility and recognition of females in many professions still hold true today in 2018!!! I mean it hasn’t been 100 years yet that women in our country had the right to vote. Even in the world of street photography, women photographers tend to be underrepresented. For example I’ve been looking at MelissaContinue reading “How More Female Street Photographers Can Be Recognized”

Interview With Hawaii Street Photographer Anthony Consillio

Hi Anthony thanks for doing this. where do you live and how does this influence your photography? A. Hello! Thank you for having me! My name is Anthony Consillio and I live in Mililani on the island of Oahu just about 20 miles from Honolulu. Living in Hawaii has been great for me as a photographer. WeContinue reading “Interview With Hawaii Street Photographer Anthony Consillio”

13 Street Photography Techniques To Try

These 13 Street Photography Techniques To Try are from my own experiences. My opinion and I try to give as much valuable advice as I possible can using examples of my photographs and how I went about in making them. If you’re new to street photography, let me tell you I know how you feel.Continue reading “13 Street Photography Techniques To Try”

Interview with Wedding Street Photographer Wayne La

Can you start off by telling us a (brief) story on your background and how you first picked up a camera? My interest started when my first child was born and I had a sudden desire to start documenting the day to day.  The interest steadily grew into something all-consuming over a period of years. Continue reading “Interview with Wedding Street Photographer Wayne La”

Interview with Vietnamese Street photographer Minh Pham

My street & documentary photography friend Minh Pham is doing an awesome job documenting and capturing the changes to his city Thanh Da, Vietnam. This is an ongoing project until the new city within Thanh Da is fully developed. Minh does a great job capturing moments that highlight globalization and the rapid changes that’s currentlyContinue reading “Interview with Vietnamese Street photographer Minh Pham”

The Laws of Averages

The Laws of Averages – The principle that supposes most future events are likely to balance any past deviation from a presumed average According to American entreprenuer and motivational speaker Jim Rohn, the law of averages says that if you do something often enough, a ratio will begin to appear. For example, you talk andContinue reading “The Laws of Averages”

President Donald Trump Street Photography Workshop

I just recently took a one day street photography workshop from President Donald Trump. Here’s what I learned, let’s make street photography great again! Grab the ladies by the ass better yet by the p****! They’ll give off some type of reaction…snap away. USE FLASH ON ITS HIGHEST POWER. If you don’t get a reaction,Continue reading “President Donald Trump Street Photography Workshop”