How We Can Appreciate Street Photographs

In today’s digital world with a flux of photographs swimming online it’s hard to appreciate any of them. We spend a good portion of our day scrolling through our Instagram feeds going on liking sprees, but it’s rare to find a photo that really resonates with us. Only when we do, do we actually takeContinue reading “How We Can Appreciate Street Photographs”

4 Bold Street Photography Predictions in 2018

Kinwing Edas Wong becomes a member of iN-PUBLIC or some other prestigious street photography collective Whether you’re a fan of one and done type photos, or photos of gradual humor, you can’t deny the talents of street photographer Kinwing Edas Wong. This man has taken photos that will breathe for a long time in theContinue reading “4 Bold Street Photography Predictions in 2018”

Hire A Street Photographer For Your Wedding

I recently photographed a friend’s wedding with a street photography approach and it was one of the most fun experiences I have had with a camera since my trip to Cuba last year. I was roaming freely and allowing my creative instincts take over to capture the moment which in short felt like a kidContinue reading “Hire A Street Photographer For Your Wedding”

Street Photography Olympics

Wouldn’t it be cool if there was such thing as the Street Photography Olympics. A friendly street photography competition among countries. This idea came to mind because I’ve noticed countries such as Thailand, Bangladesh, and India has really dominated the street photography scene. Through the street photography Olympics, you’ll represent more than just yourself butContinue reading “Street Photography Olympics”

Interview with Hawaii Street Photographer Lance Agena

Can you start off by telling us a brief story on your background and how you first picked up a camera? Back in 2001 when I was working as a graphic designer and communications guy for a local graduate school, part of my job was making a newsletter. And that meant doing everything from writing,Continue reading “Interview with Hawaii Street Photographer Lance Agena”

9 Things Every Street Photographer Must Do

Travel Seeing a new place with fresh set of eyes is a plus. Every time I travel I tend to trigger the shutter more. Perhaps its because I’m out all day compared to shooting at home where I only have an allocated timeframe to shoot. Don’t think that because you travel to some foreign exoticContinue reading “9 Things Every Street Photographer Must Do”

5 Street Photography Cliche’s to Avoid Shooting

Over the past several years the popularity for “street photography” has sky rocketed. However, with camera’s more accessible as well as affordable, sharing photos on numerous platforms have never been easier. And with that there has been an influx of the same repeated type of photos. Here are 5 street photography cliche’s to avoid shooting.Continue reading “5 Street Photography Cliche’s to Avoid Shooting”

Why I don’t title my photos

To title or not to title…that is the question. I believe titling a photo works in more of a documentary approach in your photography. Usually when photographing an event or a protest, that culminates a series or body of work. Titling fits best when you want your viewers to understand your weird sense of humor.Continue reading “Why I don’t title my photos”