Hire A Street Photographer For Your Wedding

I recently photographed a friend’s wedding with a street photography approach and it was one of the most fun experiences I have had with a camera since my trip to Cuba last year. I was roaming freely and allowing my creative instincts take over to capture the moment which in short felt like a kidContinue reading “Hire A Street Photographer For Your Wedding”

Lessons “Shinsuke Nakamura” Can Teach Us About Photography

Continuing of my wrestling and photography analogy blogs. This time it’s on WWE’s rock star Shinsuke Nakamura. Shinsuke recently got called up from NXT to the main roster of SmackDown Live. He’s one of my favorite wrestlings on the roster, he has a unique personality, he takes his craft seriously, he knows what his characterContinue reading “Lessons “Shinsuke Nakamura” Can Teach Us About Photography”

Color vs Black and White Photography

  When I first started shooting street photography I thought my images needed to be in black and white. I discovered street photography through Vivian Maier which a lot of her iconic images are in black and white and whenever I would google search the term “street photography” most of the time black and whiteContinue reading “Color vs Black and White Photography”