Lessons “Shinsuke Nakamura” Can Teach Us About Photography

Continuing of my wrestling and photography analogy blogs. This time it’s on WWE’s rock star Shinsuke Nakamura. Shinsuke recently got called up from NXT to the main roster of SmackDown Live. He’s one of my favorite wrestlings on the roster, he has a unique personality, he takes his craft seriously, he knows what his characterContinue reading “Lessons “Shinsuke Nakamura” Can Teach Us About Photography”

10 Skills (not gear) You Need To Make Good Photographs

Stop lusting over which camera you should get next (or simply G.A.S…gear acquisition syndrome). Your camera is just a tool to do the work, it probably only makes up 10% of the finished product. You can shoot the streets candidly with any camera, a Leica, a Sony, a Canon, an iPhone, a Olympus, a Nikon,Continue reading “10 Skills (not gear) You Need To Make Good Photographs”

Lessons Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson Can Teach You About Photography

I enjoyed writing the post on “Lessons Stone Cold Steve Austin Can Teach You About Photography”, and will continue this wrestling and photography blog series. This second wrestling/photography post (IDK what to call it) is on Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson (I know him as The Rock). The Rock was at the peak when he andContinue reading “Lessons Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson Can Teach You About Photography”

Why I will never go back to a Canon or Sony Camera

My first DSLR camera was a Canon 50D (2010). The camera produced great images, a lot of cool features, it was also built as a brick. I sold the camera because my wife bought me a Canon T2i because I was majoring in Film. Same specs for the most part compared to the 50D. NotContinue reading “Why I will never go back to a Canon or Sony Camera”

Lessons Stone Cold Steve Austin Can Teach You About Photography

I’m a big pro wrestling fan (WWE), ever since I could remember. My older brothers grew up watching wrestling dating back to HulkaMania era, to the Attitude Era, into the Ruthless Aggression Era, and now. I love the story telling through the physical athletic performance that these pro wrestlers put on (or how Vince wantsContinue reading “Lessons Stone Cold Steve Austin Can Teach You About Photography”

Starting off in Street photography

Starting off in Street photography By Tim Huynh Bring Your Camera Everywhere Here is my number one advice to aspiring street photographers. Always carry your camera with you, have it in your hands or dangling from your neck…

Street Photography Tips (before heading out onto the streets)

Hello aspiring street photographer. I’ve noticed there are so many blogs with tips on street photography while you’re already out shooting. Instead, let me share my experiences, (bias) opinion, and advice before you even hit up the streets. Do your research Research the location you’ll be shooting in. What’s the environment like? Is it aContinue reading “Street Photography Tips (before heading out onto the streets)”