10 Reasons Why I love Shooting Street Photography

1. Street Photography is a Challenge Street photography is always a challenge. It requires skills such as timing, reaction, awareness, being able to anticipate, visualizing a scene, being brave, being sly, a little luck, and so many more to make a photo. I always make the analogy that street photography is like fishing…some days you’llContinue reading “10 Reasons Why I love Shooting Street Photography”

10 Skills (not gear) You Need To Make Good Photographs

Stop lusting over which camera you should get next (or simply G.A.S…gear acquisition syndrome). Your camera is just a tool to do the work, it probably only makes up 10% of the finished product. You can shoot the streets candidly with any camera, a Leica, a Sony, a Canon, an iPhone, a Olympus, a Nikon,Continue reading “10 Skills (not gear) You Need To Make Good Photographs”

Hawaii Street Photography

Aloha, When most people think of street photography they think you must shoot in areas where there’s chaos of people, rich in history, or plentiful of colors. Some countries/cities that are on the top of most street photographers list to shoot in are India, Japan, London, New York, Coney Island, LA, San Francisco,  and Cuba. Hawaii isContinue reading “Hawaii Street Photography”

Starting off in Street photography

Starting off in Street photography By Tim Huynh Bring Your Camera Everywhere Here is my number one advice to aspiring street photographers. Always carry your camera with you, have it in your hands or dangling from your neck…

Street Photography Tips (before heading out onto the streets)

Hello aspiring street photographer. I’ve noticed there are so many blogs with tips on street photography while you’re already out shooting. Instead, let me share my experiences, (bias) opinion, and advice before you even hit up the streets. Do your research Research the location you’ll be shooting in. What’s the environment like? Is it aContinue reading “Street Photography Tips (before heading out onto the streets)”

Why I Enjoy Shooting Street Photography

You’re in Control… Mid-way through the first month of the new year, I reflected back on my street photography. The true joy of shooting the streets is being able to recognize a moment whether, surreal, comical, interesting, strange and to anticipate the moment and act upon. There’s a feeling of ownership when you’re able toContinue reading “Why I Enjoy Shooting Street Photography”

What I learned shooting on Halloween

For the first time, I spent the spookiest night of the year not dressed up in a costume but instead shooting others dressed for Halloween in Waikiki. I didn’t really know what to expect. I was just hoping to capture some surreal moments, nothing in particular. Something special to add to my collection. While IContinue reading “What I learned shooting on Halloween”