Enjoy the process


” When you’re in the day-to-day grind, it just seems like it’s another step along the way. But I find joy in the actual process, the journey, the work. It’s not the end. It’s not the end event.” Cal Ripken, Jr.

Aloha Everyone,

Today I wanted to write to you about enjoying the process, the process with our everyday mundane lives, the process with challenges we encounter, the process with our goals, and the process with our photography…Just appreciate and embrace the moment.



I have two young boys, they’re both crazy, hyper, nuts, and drive me insane. When they’re throwing a tantrum my natural thought is that I can’t wait until they get older or at least past their terrible two’s. A lot of times I catch myself thinking this and need to reassure myself to enjoy the moment. To enjoy this tantrum moment when they’re little babies. As hard or annoying it may be to deal with especially when both boys are screaming their heads off while stuck in traffic, just remember that this moment won’t last forever. Next thing you know the boys are grown up, they become teenagers, they’re off to college, then become working adults, and you end up reminiscing them as little babies. It’s all a process.

I’m writing to remind you that the process is the most important part of the timeline. It builds character, strength, the experiences both good and bad will always give you something deep to pull from when you’re in tough times.

So if you’re frustrated with your photography or either lacking inspiration just know that this stagnant feeling is all part of the process. Everything will run it’s course, you’ll have awesome photos one day and the next three weeks you’ll feel like you didn’t capture anything spectacular.

Most of us are impatient. We only want to see the end results hoping for it to be a positive one. For example, when setting a fitness goal we can’t wait to see the results of our body. The amount of lbs we shed or inches we trimmed around our waist or maybe the inches we added around our biceps. Knowing that all that hard work takes time, discipline, dedication, dieting, research, and perseverance.

If there was a way to skip exercising and dieting all in the while still be able to have a physically fit body I would guarantee that everyone would choose that route (myself Included). Why not right? It’s painless, easy, and you don’t have to dedicate an hour or more of your day to exercising. Instead you can Netflix binge and still have a nice set of abs.

Another example is that many new college graduates feels entitled to a good paying job and to become a CEO of a company within two years of work. There’s a process to all that. If your goal is to climb the corporate ladder you got to put in years of work, become an expert in your field, be on good terms with your colleagues, and so much more. Nothing happens at the snap of your fingers.Nothing happens over night. There are no shortcuts in life, or as the The Rock would say “There’s no elevator to success. You’ll have to take the stairs”.

Enjoy the process.

Support Here!

Currently, I am campaigning a gofundme account to help further my knowledge in street photography with Jack Simon and his two-day workshop in San Francisco June 11-12.  This is an intensive in class and in the field workshop that is limited to only 12 students and is expected to sell out.  I want to further my learning as a street photographer with this added perspective of a different city and bring back my knowledge to grow street photography in Hawaii.

Mahalo in advance for your support.  Hope to share all my learnings and photos with you when I get back!

Total gofundme request: $1170

$495 for the two day workshop

$675 RT airfare from Hawaii to SF

Please come check my photos on instagram @timhuynh_photography

Thanks and Mahalo!


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