The Future of NFTs and How It Benefits The Street Photographer

The digital world is here and there’s no turning back. The pandemic propelled platforms like Zoom, TikTok and NFTs, the novel cryptocurrencies. I remember hearing about Bitcoin in 2013 and thought, ”this doesn’t make any sense…this is worthless!” Truthfully, I just did not do enough research to understand digital economy nor did I know anyoneContinue reading “The Future of NFTs and How It Benefits The Street Photographer”

10 Street Photography Memes

Ten street photography memes by yours truly. 1. When your street photography friend asks you for your opinion on one of their photos and you don’t know how to react 2. When you’re starting off in street photography and think you need to go out in disguised… 3. The street photography community when you mentionContinue reading “10 Street Photography Memes”

Interview with Bangladesh Street Photographer Muhammad Imam Hasan

Muhammad thanks for your time. Can you start off by telling us a (brief) story on your background and how you first picked up a camera? Thank you very much Tim for inviting me. I am from a conservative family, so art related activities were less practiced. When I was in high school I gotContinue reading “Interview with Bangladesh Street Photographer Muhammad Imam Hasan”

How Does Photography Help You

Does photography help you in your everyday life? Yes? No? Maybe so? YES Let’s say it does…but how? Gives you something to keep your mind off of. Keeps you busy. Gives yourself a challenge and allows you to think outside the box. Let’s your creative instincts take over when you are surrounded by creative constraintsContinue reading “How Does Photography Help You”

5 Street Photography Cliche’s to Avoid Shooting

Over the past several years the popularity for “street photography” has sky rocketed. However, with camera’s more accessible as well as affordable, sharing photos on numerous platforms have never been easier. And with that there has been an influx of the same repeated type of photos. Here are 5 street photography cliche’s to avoid shooting.Continue reading “5 Street Photography Cliche’s to Avoid Shooting”

10 Female Street Photographers To Follow

Here are some female street photographers you should look to for inspiration. 1. Vivian Maier   2. Suzanne Stein 3. Lauren Welles 4. Jutharat Poupay 5.  Graciela Magnoni 6.  Valerie Jardin 7. Jill Freedman 8. Genevieve Hafner 9. Michelle Rick 10. Kathleen Bridget Austin  

Tim Huynh Contact Sheet Volume II: Red

Aloha Everyone, One of my favorite photo’s from my own collection is RED. This series of photographs were taken in Tenderloin last year (2016) during  Jack Simon‘s workshop in San Francisco. Tenderloin is not a particular area you would typically roam around for street photos but surprisingly there was a block party so we went aheadContinue reading “Tim Huynh Contact Sheet Volume II: Red”

Tim Huynh Contact Sheet Volume 1: Legs!

Aloha Everyone, I wanted to create a contact sheet to share with you folks on how I capture and process my images. This one titled “Legs” is one of three photos that will be published in this year’s World Street Photography 4 book (you can purchase book here). I saw this giant advertising board atContinue reading “Tim Huynh Contact Sheet Volume 1: Legs!”

Color vs Black and White Photography

  When I first started shooting street photography I thought my images needed to be in black and white. I discovered street photography through Vivian Maier which a lot of her iconic images are in black and white and whenever I would google search the term “street photography” most of the time black and whiteContinue reading “Color vs Black and White Photography”

10 Reasons Why I love Shooting Street Photography

1. Street Photography is a Challenge Street photography is always a challenge. It requires skills such as timing, reaction, awareness, being able to anticipate, visualizing a scene, being brave, being sly, a little luck, and so many more to make a photo. I always make the analogy that street photography is like fishing…some days you’llContinue reading “10 Reasons Why I love Shooting Street Photography”