Why I will never go back to a Canon or Sony Camera

My first DSLR camera was a Canon 50D (2010). The camera produced great images, a lot of cool features, it was also built as a brick. I sold the camera because my wife bought me a Canon T2i because I was majoring in Film. Same specs for the most part compared to the 50D. NotContinue reading “Why I will never go back to a Canon or Sony Camera”

Starting off in Street photography

Starting off in Street photography By Tim Huynh Bring Your Camera Everywhere Here is my number one advice to aspiring street photographers. Always carry your camera with you, have it in your hands or dangling from your neck…

Street Photography Tips (before heading out onto the streets)

Hello aspiring street photographer. I’ve noticed there are so many blogs with tips on street photography while you’re already out shooting. Instead, let me share my experiences, (bias) opinion, and advice before you even hit up the streets. Do your research Research the location you’ll be shooting in. What’s the environment like? Is it aContinue reading “Street Photography Tips (before heading out onto the streets)”

What I learned traveling and photographing in Havana

It Takes Time to Feel Comfortable Prior to landing in Havana, Cuba, I heavily did my research on the city. Is it safe? Is there internet? Are the people nice? Tourist reviews? Crime rate? Things to do? Where to go? Asked friends who’ve traveled to Havana about their experiences. For the most part, friends andContinue reading “What I learned traveling and photographing in Havana”

3 Lessons I learned from C.T. Fletcher

I was lucky enough to watch a documentary on Netflix a few weeks ago (the kids hog the Netflix) on C.T. Fletcher,“My Magnificent Obsession”. Prior to this, I have never heard of C.T. Fletcher, I was just Netflix surfing and the main image and synopsis caught my attention. I really enjoyed an old documentary onContinue reading “3 Lessons I learned from C.T. Fletcher”

What I learned shooting on Halloween

For the first time, I spent the spookiest night of the year not dressed up in a costume but instead shooting others dressed for Halloween in Waikiki. I didn’t really know what to expect. I was just hoping to capture some surreal moments, nothing in particular. Something special to add to my collection. While IContinue reading “What I learned shooting on Halloween”