Interview with Ken Walton on the 3rd Annual Streetfoto San Francisco Street Photography Festival

Streetfoto San Francisco is onto it’s third year! I’ve attended the festival for each of the first two years and really enjoy everything Ken Walton and his team put together. Last year Ken definitely amplified the festival compared to the first year by bringing in some high profiled groups and individuals such as members ofContinue reading “Interview with Ken Walton on the 3rd Annual Streetfoto San Francisco Street Photography Festival”

Tim Huynh Contact Sheet Volume II: Red

Aloha Everyone, One of my favorite photo’s from my own collection is RED. This series of photographs were taken in Tenderloin last year (2016) during  Jack Simon‘s workshop in San Francisco. Tenderloin is not a particular area you would typically roam around for street photos but surprisingly there was a block party so we went aheadContinue reading “Tim Huynh Contact Sheet Volume II: Red”

What I learned from Bruce Gilden

                Met Bruce Gilden at this past year’s Streetfoto. Had the opportunity to hear him critique photos and give a lecture on his projects and experience of nearly 5 decades in photography. I also enjoyed hearing him chew out my photo from the Streetfoto Cagematch. Bruce has thatContinue reading “What I learned from Bruce Gilden”

10 Skills (not gear) You Need To Make Good Photographs

Stop lusting over which camera you should get next (or simply G.A.S…gear acquisition syndrome). Your camera is just a tool to do the work, it probably only makes up 10% of the finished product. You can shoot the streets candidly with any camera, a Leica, a Sony, a Canon, an iPhone, a Olympus, a Nikon,Continue reading “10 Skills (not gear) You Need To Make Good Photographs”