Why I Love Street Photography

“Photograph the world as it is. There’s nothing more interesting than reality” – Mary Ellen Mark

I love shooting the streets. Wait wait love is too strong of a word…maybe I’m obsessed…okay sounds better. To me…in my bias opinion, I think street photography is the hardest form of photography to go about…and the most honest form of photography. Sure to shoot the streets is easy. You just need a camera and head out…to go about it is fairly simple. To do it well or at least decent is very hard. I think street photos evoke more emotion than any other type of photography genre out there. Now that’s not to say I don’t appreciate a little landscape shot from time to time, cause I do. Photos of a beautiful landscape will definitely catch my eye, some shots may look different from other’s based on weather or season but for the most part they’re static. A street photo which typically consist of having a human or people within the frame….or some element of a human figure (shadow, poster with a face for example) are much more dynamic. That is what I have always loved about street photography.


I also love the challenge that street photography presents itself. I could be shooting the same streets day in and day out and still walk away with completely different pictures each day. I can photograph the same area but still not know what to expect. You never know what you may come across! I don’t need to travel to some exotic country to make some damn good photos. I can do it anywhere, as long as I have an open mind and I allow my instincts to react and take over.


As much crap there is on social media in regards to what people think is “street photography”….I do enjoy seeing a fellow street photographer build their own following and receiving the recognition they deserve for their creativity and hard work. The internet amazes me sometimes and I think there’s a lot of hate you’ll come across on other blogs in regards that social media is killing street photography (Is Street Photography Dead)….And maybe it is to an extent but at the end of the day without these social media platforms we wouldn’t know a lot of these great modern day street photographer’s. The days of only receiving recognition by either making it on the New York Times or getting major media coverage is OVER. You hear me…it is over!!!! It’s a whole new ball game now! And I think people are aware that they can be their own brand and the fact there is a higher percentage of getting attention on themselves motivates everyone across the board. This makes everyone to step up their game! Even the pros need to step up their game to continue to be relevant…We live in a world of what have you done lately!


What I love that street photography has done for me….it’s given me a creative outlet….I believe everyone needs to have a creative outlet…or the very least a hobby…something that can fuel you which then fuels you during your 9 to 5 job. I truly believe if all you do is work and come home and binge on Netflix day in and day out…you’re killing yourself. I don’t believe in routine. Routine leads to complacency. You need to find something outside of work, outside of just drinking with friends every Friday and Saturday night, getting shit face and wasting your time. You need to find something else that is much more fulfilling. Perhaps, volunteer at a shelter. Utilize your skills to help a non-profit. Obtain new skills. Exercise and getting fit is a great option to consider.

All I’m saying is find something. Anything. Try them all! You aren’t going to find your creative outlet or hobby over the weekend. It’ll even change over time as well. When I started street photography in 2010, I stopped in 2012 because I didn’t know what the hell I was doing taking random shots from a far and not really liking the photos I came out with. The itch was always there and went back to shooting the streets in 2015. See the passion was always there, it never left me, I just went on a nice vacation away from street photography which ultimately reignited my fire.

The same can happen to you…just because something doesn’t work once, doesn’t mean it won’t work the second time. Mix things up and you’ll find different results. Okay hold on…going off topic here…okay there you have it, a few reasons why I love street photography…what are some reasons why you love street photography?


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4 Bold Street Photography Predictions in 2018


Kinwing Edas Wong becomes a member of iN-PUBLIC or some other prestigious street photography collective

Whether you’re a fan of one and done type photos, or photos of gradual humor, you can’t deny the talents of street photographer Kinwing Edas Wong. This man has taken photos that will breathe for a long time in the 21st century. And with that, my bold prediction is that this year a prestigious street photography collective will reach out to Edas to join…whether that be iN-PUBLIC, Burn My Eye, Street Collective, etc. there are so many, I’ve lost track. Bottom line is, Edas’ time is coming. It is a great reminder that talent always wins.


Michael Ernest Sweet Returns to Street Photography

Michael Ernest Sweet had a meltdown last year and wrote an article in the Huffington Post that he was going to retire from street photography (article has since been deleted) because of all the same bullshit photos he sees on social media and all the politics that comes with it. I like Michael Ernest Sweet’s style and he provides good feedback as a judge on World Street Photography. I truly feel Mr. Sweet just needed a break. I mean don’t we all? And I hope his time away from street photography brings him back rejuvenated, refreshed, hungrier for more, and not concerned about what other “street” photos are floating around on social media.

This serves as a reminder that we need to shoot for ourselves. Don’t worry about others and what other people are posting unless you draw inspiration from them.


Ricoh GR’s New Camera

I think it’s time for Ricoh to capitalize on the street photography community and release an updated version of the infamous Ricoh GR II. The Ricoh GR II has been a popular choice among street photographers over the years. But a release of a newer version, keeping the size and weight the same, the built in flash, upgrading the sensor or lens, adding some additional features, it will be a major hit! I have no idea why Ricoh is starving many street photographers from a new camera, however, when the new Ricoh GR is released later this year as I am predicting, it will most likely sell out very quickly.

Mobile Street Photography Will Start to Take Over

Many people are now shooting with their phones because of the convenience but more importantly how much the camera’s in our phone have evolved over the past few years. Do smartphones have their limitations? Of course they do, it’s not perfect, but it is good enough for most average consumer. I’ve seen prints as big as 8 X 11 from an iPhone and Android and they’re amazing. Honestly, you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference unless you blow it up larger or if you are a professional that can nitpick the small details like highlights and shadows in a image.


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