Why I Love Street Photography

“Photograph the world as it is. There’s nothing more interesting than reality” – Mary Ellen Mark I love shooting the streets. Wait wait love is too strong of a word…maybe I’m obsessed…okay sounds better. To me…in my bias opinion, I think street photography is the hardest form of photography to go about…and the most honestContinue reading “Why I Love Street Photography”

4 Bold Street Photography Predictions in 2018

Kinwing Edas Wong becomes a member of iN-PUBLIC or some other prestigious street photography collective Whether you’re a fan of one and done type photos, or photos of gradual humor, you can’t deny the talents of street photographer Kinwing Edas Wong. This man has taken photos that will breathe for a long time in theContinue reading “4 Bold Street Photography Predictions in 2018”

How To Be Creative

In my previous blog 10 Street Photography Resolutions Tips I listed one resolution tip to consider for the new year is to “Be Creative Daily”. I gave you the reason why to be creative and things to consider in finding your creative outlet…but I did not touch upon on “How” to be creative. Here’s my personal inputContinue reading “How To Be Creative”