How More Female Street Photographers Can Be Recognized

The lack of visibility and recognition of females in many professions still hold true today in 2018!!! I mean it hasn’t been 100 years yet that women in our country had the right to vote. Even in the world of street photography, women photographers tend to be underrepresented. For example I’ve been looking at MelissaContinue reading “How More Female Street Photographers Can Be Recognized”

20 Female Street Photographers to Follow in 2018

The women’s revolution for street photography is here! Below are 20 female street photographers to follow and be inspired from in 2018. These are current shooters and not of the past, so you won’t be seeing names like Vivian Maier or Mary Ellen Mark. The order is also not from worst to best or bestContinue reading “20 Female Street Photographers to Follow in 2018”

Interview with Street Photographer Jill Maguire

Jill! How are you? Thanks for doing this. Can you start off by telling us a (brief) story on your background and how you first picked up a camera? I’ve always liked taking pictures but wasn’t serious about it until well into adulthood. In 2009, I bought a DSLR to take pictures of my dog.Continue reading “Interview with Street Photographer Jill Maguire”

10 Female Street Photographers To Follow

Here are some female street photographers you should look to for inspiration. 1. Vivian Maier   2. Suzanne Stein 3. Lauren Welles 4. Jutharat Poupay 5.  Graciela Magnoni 6.  Valerie Jardin 7. Jill Freedman 8. Genevieve Hafner 9. Michelle Rick 10. Kathleen Bridget Austin