30 Things to Do Before I Turn 30

Real adulthood begins at 30…right? Here are some things I’d like to do before I turn 30…which is a year and a half away. Check out the list below, the numeric order has nothing to do with it being a higher or lesser priority.

  1. Experience the Holi Festival
  2. Produce one short film on a street photographer
  3. Be financially stable
  4. Travel with the family and mom to New York
  5. Teach a street photography workshop in Hawaii
  6. Get a promotion
  7. See the Northern Lights
  8. Learn Spanish
  9. Take my boys to Wrestlemania
  10. Publish a book
  11. Take a painting class
  12. Learn how to use Lightroom
  13. Reduce body fat by 7%
  14. Make new friends
  15. Cash in on one of my Stocks
  16. Go on a hot air balloon
  17. Have a big debate why wrestling is better than MMA
  18. Read more
  19. Volunteer for a non-profit
  20. Finish my documentary on my mom
  21. Know more of my family history
  22. Do a fundraiser that supports a cause I’m passionate about
  23. Be my own boss
  24. spend more time than I do now with my family
  25. win a big bet
  26. Travel to Cuba (again)
  27. Own a piece of property in Hawaii
  28. Learn to dance
  29. Eliminate soda completely
  30. Grow up but not old

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