Mount Rushmore of Street Photography

Who are the Mount Rushmore’s of street photography? Who’s made the most impact and influence the genre to what it is today. Below are my selections with a brief spiel….Did I get it correct? Henri Cartier Bresson – The godfather of street photography who was able to find art in everyday life. If you callContinue reading “Mount Rushmore of Street Photography”

10 Street Photography Memes

Ten street photography memes by yours truly. 1. When your street photography friend asks you for your opinion on one of their photos and you don’t know how to react 2. When you’re starting off in street photography and think you need to go out in disguised… 3. The street photography community when you mentionContinue reading “10 Street Photography Memes”

What If Your Favorite Street Photos Were Staged…

What if you found out your favorite photo(s) from Alex Webb, Bruce Gilden, Winogrand, Parr, etc were manipulated…staged…almost like shooting a narrative film where they had an opportunity to do retakes…re-position their subjects…or even use unnatural lighting. Does the photo and the photographer lose your respect? The definition of street photography is that the photoContinue reading “What If Your Favorite Street Photos Were Staged…”

Interview with Bangladesh Street Photographer Muhammad Imam Hasan

Muhammad thanks for your time. Can you start off by telling us a (brief) story on your background and how you first picked up a camera? Thank you very much Tim for inviting me. I am from a conservative family, so art related activities were less practiced. When I was in high school I gotContinue reading “Interview with Bangladesh Street Photographer Muhammad Imam Hasan”