iN-PUBLIC – Turpin is Out…Now What?

News flash, founding member of iN-PUBLIC Nick Turpin and fellow member Nils Jorgensen have both abruptly left the street photography collective (You can read it here on over a photograph taken by another member (Blake Andrews), which was voted for photo of the month within the collective. First off, I applaud Turpin and anyoneContinue reading “iN-PUBLIC – Turpin is Out…Now What?”

Are Your Photos “Street Photography”

The following presentation is a rant on whether or not your photos are considered “street photography”. What is street photography??? According to wikipedia…”Street photography, also sometimes called candid photography, is photography conducted for art or enquiry that features unmediated chance encounters and random incidents[1] within public places. Although there is a difference between street and candid photography, it is usuallyContinue reading “Are Your Photos “Street Photography””