How to overcome fear in street photography

Fuck fear and just shut up and shoot. Stop with the excuses…ok ok I know things can be nerve racking especially if it’s your first time doing something. All your doubts, fears, and insecurities begin filling your head.

What are you afraid of? Are you afraid to make someone angry because you made a photo of them??? Here are some ways to overcome that fear and just go out and start making photos!

 Do your Research

Research the areas or neighborhoods you would like to go photograph at. Research the work of several street photographers you admire. Watch Youtube videos on how other street photographers (amateurs & Magnum Pros) go about their street photography.

View Street Photography Tips (before heading out onto the streets)

Drink a Beer or Two

Some people like to have a little bit of alcohol before a big moment. Before a presentation to the company’s board of directors. Some alcohol before a big event or job interview. It helps calm them down and relaxes their tense nerves, thins out the blood, and help take their mind off of the fear and negativity. So try it, have a beer or two but avoid shooting the streets drunk.

Photograph in a Condensed Area

Photographing in a dense area is good because you will be able to blend more easily with the crowd. You may find more opportunities of stuff happening on the streets and in any retro city you may even pass as a tourist.

Be Smooth

Be smooth once you bring the camera to your eye to make a photograph. Don’t make eye contact with the person and give a weird look like you made a mistake. Take the photo and move on, don’t worry about looking at what you just took. Take the photo and if there’s an opportunity to make more than one photo then don’t hesitate.

Act Clueless

Act clueless, make the photo and check your camera’s body and buttons as if something is wrong. People will not know you took a photo and if they did they’ll probably think you are testing the camera or think your camera is broken.

Hold Your Viewfinder Up to Your Eye For 10 Minutes

Try this technique…hold the viewfinder to your eye and walk around for ten minutes. No one cares and some may give you weird looks but who gives a crap. I would say this is the number one technique in overcoming your fear in street photography because the main fear in street photography is worrying if people will get mad or just feeling uncomfortable bringing the camera up to your eye to snap the shutter. Try this and I promise you’ll overcome your fears at the snap of your fingers. You won’t have to pay for an Eric Kim “Conquer Your Fears” workshop…Your welcome I just saved you money.

If you want to learn more read my blog on 5 WAYS TO AVOID CONFRONTATION IN STREET PHOTOGRAPHY!

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