2017 Street Photography Recap

I have had a pretty solid year in terms of my street photography endeavors. I can’t really complain, would I have wanted to be accepted into this festival or that festival? Hell yeah you bet your ass I would have liked that not to sound greedy but that’s just my competitive nature. But all in all it’s been great, below I list my experiences and accomplishments in the exact order of happenings.



I was contacted by Martin Vegas who does a tremendous job organizing photo exhibits in France and other parts of the world and he came across my Rafael Trejos Series and wanted to showcase my work. It was quite humbling and an honor especially when you see the list of the other photographers that were a part of the Street Sans Frontieres Paris 2017  exhibit, it’s pretty awesome. The power of the internet I tell you. Thanks Martin!

Finalist StreetFoto

Receiving a notification on my phone via Facebook that I have been one of the finalist in the international category at StreetFoto was quite surreal moment for me. I honestly thought it was a mistake because usually when festivals or any competition notifies you its through email first. I’ve been to streetfoto the past two years and have always enjoyed my time there and meeting other people that share the same passion as I. It’s always fun and when you put a handful of people that are passionate about the same thing its a feeling you can’t really explain. it’s pretty cool.

I did not expect to be accepted as I always view these festivals or competitions like winning the lottery, your chances getting in are very slim due to the fact you’re competing with the world. I’m planning to submit a handful again in 2018 to streetfoto, wish me luck.



Having three photos published in World Street Photography 4  book is something I don’t take for granted. I’m quite proud and now have something inside a book..yes a physical book that will breathe forever.



Putting in more work on my website which I have neglected for years is something I’m quite proud about. Putting my words and thoughts into action by blogging and interviewing other photographers who I call friends is something I have always wanted to do but of course procrastinated and not made much of a priority. I enjoy creating content as much as I enjoy shooting the streets. Through my website I have been able to obtain both large and small paid gigs. Just a few weeks ago I did a advertising campaign for Marlboro who came across my website and really loved my work. They hired me to shoot them an advertising campaign showcasing night life in Honolulu through a candid pair of eyes. You’d be surprise with the internet at times as you never know who out there in this giant world is looking at your website.

No Pressure Mentality


In 2015-2016 I would always put pressure on myself to get a day within the week to shoot and always try to upload something on social media. Worried about facebook likes and all that other non-sense. 2017 I approached street photography with no pressure when I’m out shooting and with no goals. The unreachable goals I was setting myself was making me miserable and most of it were out of my control. I had to reevaluate and remind myself that I shoot because it helps me get away from the daily stresses and allows me to be creative without any judgement or expectation.


I created my own youtube channel (www.youtube.com/timhuynhphotography). I was always making excuses for myself simply because I was insecure and not confident being in front of the camera. As soon as I stopped caring and stopped nitpicking I started to document my photo walks and upload them to youtube. My first few videos are not as polished as I would like or what I’m capable of producing but if I was to nitpick every little thing then ultimately nothing would amount. Also producing these vlogs is almost like a full time job.

I was hoping to have 10 videos uploaded on my channel by year’s end but its a lot easier said then done. In 2018, I am anticipating to produce more vlogs at a much better produced piece as well. I got the ball someone rolling and now I just need to keep pushing it don’t compare to others and just do me.


Obviously, none of this happened overnight. Yes luck was involved for a few but ultimately by putting myself out there it increased my chances of being recognized for my work and also obtaining a few commercial gigs out of it as well. However, being recognized is not what its all about. What it really boils down to is having the freedom to be creative on a daily basis, pushing my limits, and trying new things are what I can say I’m most proud of in 2017.

I am hoping to carry this momentum into 2018 and look forward to meeting more photographers, elevating my game to another level, and try to help put Hawaii on the map as a great destination for street photography.

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