Don’t Over Analyze.



“We are dying from overthinking. We are slowly killing ourselves by thinking about everything. Think. Think. Think. You can never trust the human mind anyway. It’s a death trap.”
― Anthony Hopkins

We analyze because of our fears…

Why do we analyze? I think we analyze because we want to make the best decision. Over analyzing I think stems from fear, we are afraid to make mistakes, to look stupid, to be wrong, or to get yelled at by your boss or teachers. We analyze things or situations based from our experience and knowledge. Sometime’s over analyzing only makes you a prisoner in your own mind. Instead of analyzing you can try to be more open minded, think more freely, and not having to worry about possible consequences.

Photographer’s Block

Lately I’ve been having a photographer’s block. Struggling to find anything that’s worth taking a snap, nothing eye catching, and don’t feel like my photography is progressing that way I’d hope it would. I’ve been worrying and thinking too much on how I can make better photographs, innovative street photos, and that thought of mind has stagnant my workflow of just going out and shoot. I question more now than I have in the past on whether this person or scene is worth making an image. My friend Jack Bates once told me that he would never hire MBA graduates or heavy business background prospect for his once Ad Agency because most would over analyze and get nothing done. I feel with my photography I’ve been over analyzing which in the end gets me less photos taken in result fewer opportunities in producing a quality photo.

Street Photography = Fishing

I think the best analogy for street photography is like fishing, some days you’ll be able to catch something that’s enough to feed you and have you left feeling satisfied and other days you’ll come out empty handed and feeling frustrated. Part of that is my own personal blockage, I feel I’m at my best photographing when I make it a somewhat a priority and do it as a day to day routine. Unfortunately, I only shoot when I have time, now days that means shooting on my one hour lunch break. Sometimes not. Yes, you need to feel comfortable and confident when you’re out on the streets it’s more than just picking up a camera and snapping away. It’s like if a football player skipped off season workouts and rejoins the team half way into the season, despite playing for most of his life he’ll probably return looking very sluggish and not feeling like themselves.

Remember why…

I started shooting street photography because it gave me sanity, it reduced stress, had me forget my everyday worries, and best part it was fun (It still is but only when I’m able to make a photo I really like). To prevent you in feeling the way I feel, you need to stop worrying. Stop over analyzing about whether your photo will turn out good, if people on social media will hit the like button, stop worrying if someone will yell at you while you take their photo. If you are feeling the way I’m currently feeling with my photography just remember, worrying and making excuses is not going to solve the situation. I’m not saying don’t think or analyze but more so feel the situation, follow your heart, and use your best judgement. In other words the solution is simply to…shut up and shoot!


Support Here!

Currently, I am campaigning a gofundme account to help further my knowledge in street photography with Jack Simon and his two-day workshop in San Francisco June 11-12.  This is an intensive in class and in the field workshop that is limited to only 12 students and is expected to sell out.  I want to further my learning as a street photographer with this added perspective of a different city and bring back my knowledge to grow street photography in Hawaii.

Mahalo in advance for your support.  Hope to share all my learning and photos with you when I get back!

Currently raised $945!

Total gofundme request: $1170

$495 for the two day workshop

$675 RT airfare from Hawaii to SF

Please come check my photos on instagram @timhuynh_photography

Thanks and Mahalo!

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