Your Photos Like your Photography Will Get Better With Age…


Today I want to write to you on how I think your street photos will be more appreciated as time moves forward. Sometimes I feel my photos are not significant in partly because it blends in with the ordinary of our modern society (for example above two human beings disconnected  and on their devices). The photos I happen to capture speak about who I am and how I view the world I currently live in. For the casual viewer, such as friends or relatives, when viewing your street photos they may not appreciate what you’ve captured.

Part of me feels that we subconsciously accept how things currently are in society, rarely do we question or challenge the norm. Most times we accept things for the way it is and not only until years later we realize that particular situation or scene was unique to its time (for better or for worse). Whatever your initial intentions are with photography, I think most of us hope our photos will be made of good use one day.

Some of the most iconic street photographers didn’t get the recognition their work deserved until years later, such as Vivian Maier and William Eggleston to name a few. I think these are great reminders that we need to appreciate the world we live in now and not take it for granted.

Besides the photo being a good photograph in terms of Framing, Shadows, Character Details, Expression, Background, Foreground, Reflections, etc, I think a lot of people take more time to acknowledge a photo that was taken 10-20 years ago, rather than a photo that was shot just the other day. The nostalgia associated with a photo taken decades ago reminds those the sense of place within that time frame. Even for those that weren’t a part of the specific time frame would appreciate it by using one’s imagination of what it may have been like to live in the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and so forth.

I think most people naturally dwell on the past on how things used to be and how they wish today was like yesterday. While you have others that don’t want anything to do with the past and only want to look forward and see what the future holds for them. I firmly believe you can only control today, the now, and appreciate the moment because that’s where you’re currently in. Don’t dwell too much on the past and don’t look too far ahead where you’ll enable yourself to become a prisoner. Appreciate now and remember your photos is like wine…it gets better with age.



Support Here!

Currently, I am campaigning a gofundme account to help further my knowledge in street photography with Jack Simon and his two-day workshop in San Francisco June 11-12.  This is an intensive in class and in the field workshop that is limited to only 12 students and is expected to sell out.  I want to further my learning as a street photographer with this added perspective of a different city and bring back my knowledge to grow street photography in Hawaii.

Mahalo in advance for your support.  Hope to share all my learnings and photos with you when I get back!

Total gofundme request: $1170

$495 for the two day workshop

$675 RT airfare from Hawaii to SF

Please come check my photos on instagram @timhuynh_photography


Thanks and Mahalo!


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