Conquering Your Fear in Street Photography



Try Street Portraits

If you fear of being rejected by someone on the street or feel uncomfortable taking photos of a stranger without permission, then I suggest you to start off by asking that stranger very kindly if you may make a portrait out of them and explain what it is that you are doing. Whether it was their wardrobe, how intimidating they appear, or their facial expressions that caught your eye it doesn’t hurt to ask someone if you can make a portrait out of them. This is a painless and easy way to create beautiful portraits of people you find interesting. Nine times out of ten they’ll say yes and ask what your objective is.

Stay in One Spot

Start off in a busy street, maybe downtown, a crowded bus stop, an imposing graffiti wall but just be patient and let the action come to you, allow the scene to work FOR YOU. People will be walking right pass you going on and about of their day and will probably not even notice you.

Shoot from the Hip Technique

Often times I shoot as I walk. I have my camera dangling from my neck or I’m either holding my camera near my waist and snap as I walk. Interestingly enough a lot of my personal favorites have come from shooting from the hip. It’s a simple and easy way to get unpredictable photographs and not be noticed. I would recommend going with a 35mm lens or wider, you can leave your settings on auto along with your focus. I usually set my Shutter somewhere between 125-500 depending the amount of light in the area and have my iso in auto mode.


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